Urethritis Symptoms – Urethral Cancer Symptoms

Many people may suffer from a medical condition known as urethritis or urethral cancer or urethral tumor at some moment in their life. The condition happens with bladder pain when there’s an infection in a portion of the urinary track known as the urethra. This part of urinary system is responsible for sending urine from the bladder to the expelling area of the body where urine is is completely removed from the urethral.

When an infection invades the urethral cannal of the urological system, inflammation can occur. When someone is affected by this issue, the most common urethral symptom can be difficulty and even pain when urinating or while attempting to eliminate fluids from the urethra. In this article, you will be introduced to important information pertaining to urethritis, urethral tumor and urethral cancer.

Causes of Urethritis or Urethral Cancer Symptoms – Male and Female Urethra Cancer

There are many potential causes of urethritis and Urethral Cancer Symptoms. Medical professionals have established that this type of urinary track problem may be caused by various types of bacterium, an assortment of fungi, and even various types of viruses involved with the urethral track.

While there are types of bacterium and fungi that have been found to be helpful to the human body and actually live in the gastrointestinal tract of the body, it has been established that an over abundance of these bacterium and fungi could invade the urethra and cause medical complications.

In addition to this, many individuals have acquired male and female urethritis by engaging in sexual activities with a partner that has the condition. Examples of organisms that are transmitted during sexual activity include “Neisseria Gonorrhoeae”, “Chlamydia”, and the “Herpes Simplex Virus”.


There are symptoms that may be experienced when an individual experiences urethritis. Not all individuals that suffer from this urinary complication and bladder pain will experience symptoms. If a sufferer does experience issues as a direct result of an infection and inflammation in the male and female urethra, it is common for the symptom of pain to be experienced during urination.

Many individuals describe this pain as a dull, aching pain while others describe it as the feeling of intense pressure or sharp, shooting pains. Many individuals that suffer from this type of infection find that they suffer from a frequent need to urinate during the day and in the night hours. If an individual acquires this condition as a direct result of a sexually transmitted disease, the symptoms mentioned here may be accompanied by symptoms that are associated with the actual STD.

Potential Complications Infection of the Male and Female Urethra

There are many potential complications associated with infections that originate and grow in the urethra. In some instances, bladder pain, the infection and inflammation experienced in the urethra may cause the space within this component of the urinary system to narrow drastically and cause urethral tumors to grow. Many individuals may also develop infections in the other components of the urinary system.

It is common for the bladder and/or the kidneys to become infected with urethral tumorsand cause bladder pain, the infection that started in the urethra. If you feel as if you have an infection in the male and female urethra, you should visit your doctor for a complete evaluation. If a diagnosis is confirmed there are treatments available that will prevent potential complications such as those outlined here.